In 2017, CHUAN YOUNG embrace the impossible challenges.

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“The improvement on the society is driven by practice, not by slogan” (Master Cheng Yen, Aphorisms).

In 2017, the first issue for corporates to deal with is the hot topic of『One fixed day off and one flexible rest day』. People in Taiwan are concerning about the increase on business cost, the implementation of labors’ welfare, and the inflation may cause by the new decree. And if we put the issue into the world business, the decree may bring doubts about the competitiveness of this island country in the future.

To ask ourselves are we prepared for this? As Chuan Young had put『One fixed day off and one flexible rest day』policy into practice since last January, we can proudly say that the decree will not influence Chuan Young, and we will still endeavor to keep the rational and competitive lead-time in the upcoming year.

Our creed is “upgrade, innovation, research and development”, and we will always strive to follow the creed and make Chuan Young a better partner for our clients. Therefore, we kindly ask our clients keep putting your trust and support on us, and make the impossible possible together!

Sincerely yours,
Vice-Precedent, Avery.