International standards are our standards

We have continued to grow within the manufacturing industry with the unwavering pursuit of sustainable enterprise management, upheld our spirit of "quality first, on-time delivery" in order to meet the international quality requirements, and established a method consistent to the ISO-9001:2008 International Quality Management System to improve our quality assurance.
* Please view our ISO-9001:2008 certification (the document can be shown directly on the website)
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Establishing standard parts

We have strictly controlled our production lines and testing equipment, recorded the manufacturing history and processes for each work-piece, established standard parts, and produced various products under our demands for self-improvement.


Quality Inspection procedure





Testing equipment


Items Equipment name Quantity
Coordinate-measuring machine SPARK 07-10-07 1
Surface roughness machine Mitutoyo SJ-400 1
Hardness Testing machine 3R 1
2D image measuring instrument Jing Li 1
Testing equipment design    
Various types of calipers, micrometers, and cylinder measuring gauges …………………    


Coordinate-measuring machine instrument

》Measurement and testing equipment that can determine the accuracy of product quality
》Can instantly display the results and display the three-dimensional position of the probe simultaneously
》High repeatability and precision
》Fast testing speed that reduces production costs
》Rapidly determines the cause of errors during the manufacturing process for the products, which in turn provides good control over the entire manufacturing process and reduces the defective products as well as the generated waste

Surface roughness machine

Reduce the effects of uneven rough surfaces for brushed metal surfaces, and rubber surfaces to the maximum extent

Hardness Testing machine

We perform the most rigorous testing for each material feed to control aluminum hardness and quality

2D Image Measurement

We use CCD lens magnification zoom function to capture images, and then use the optical scale to compare the coordinate-values of the image. Accurately calculate the required coordinate-values or sizes

Testing equipment design

We can design the testing tools and perform tests based on the customer's products